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W offers a collection of services which will help to keep you in control of your online marketing strategy and presence.

We always keep things simple, so that you can instead focus on the important issue at hand - making the Internet work for you.

E ffective web solutions means we cater for all technical aspects, such as social strategy (Facebook applications, Twitter, Google+), multi-platform (iPhone IOS, Google Android, Windows, Mac OS) and multiingual presence.

Your Web-based solution needs to be as effective as it possibly can.

B eat the competition by contacting us today to discuss how we can help you and your business move forward.


Welcome to WebPackager
Website Design

website_design A website should be seen as a vital part of your marketing effort. It needs to be planned and created carefully to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Web design is always undertaken at WebPackager with the clients marketing strategy firmly in mind. Our web design team know the importance of getting your website right the first time around.
Custom web template - we will provide you with the best Web 2.0 template to fit your needs.
Fully customisable content - with our easy to use Content Management System solution (CMS).
Custom logo design - giving your website a professionally branded look and feel.
Clean links and navigation - to aid your website customers and help drive traffic to your internal pages.
Browser compatibility tested - ensuring your website has maximum visibility.
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